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Who are we?

 Zaka aims to provide the proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) awareness to the community in the region to prepare them for the new technological era and build a vibrant MENA AI ecosystem. Zaka is on a journey to democratize Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the MENA region and globally through sharing knowledge, building solutions, and connecting people! 

  • 2500+ graduates in less than 3 years
  • From the MENA to the MENA. Learn from local talent and access local opportunities
  • Community extending to more than 10 countries across MENA

In AI education, we curate courses and training to best fit our customers’ industry and workforce. We focus on culturing a practical delivery of knowledge to allow our customers to exit the learning experience with the knowledge and, most importantly, the skills to grow while working on versatile AI projects.

Why us?

Zaka received accreditation in educational experience from the prestigious STEM education research and credentialing organization in the USA.

Zaka offers emerging tech training as an authorized training partner with CERTNEXUS. 

Zaka is a registered Microsoft Global Training Partner